New Beginnings

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Hello! I haven't been able to update as much lately because I've been busier than usual and sick, pfft :/ I've been feeling terrible since the haze began, and hopefully I'll recover by the time I leave for my holiday! This post is more of an update on recent happenings in my life :D

I'm very excited to tell you guys this.. I'll be leaving for Seoul/Osaka/Tokyo next week for almost a month! YAY! And.. I'm so happy the response for this month's GSS sale at Julien was so good, a lot of our items are sold-out! Please bear with me for July because my store will be on hiatus, but I promise August's collection will be bigger and better ♡ Working on a number of projects, so be prepared for fantastic new giveaways and events coming your way!

My passport is expiring and I had to get a new one made in order to travel. It just feels so much like a new beginning in life. I love to keep my old passports and flip through them once in awhile because all those stamps in it harbour so many old memories. And these little imprints also act as little reminders of how much I should be thankful for, to have the opportunity to explore the world outside :)

I once heard a saying, "a beautiful pair of shoes will bring you to the most beautiful places", the top priority on my shopping list this holiday would probably be a beautiful pair of shoes ♡

Outfit: Blazer - The Editor's Market / Scalloped Shorts - Bangkok / Bag - Zara / Tank Top - CottonOn

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