Crucify My Love X Thorn Headpiece DIY

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Inspired by the thorn necklace, I decided to try my hand at creating my own thorn headpiece :) Here's a very simple version, in just 5 easy steps!

You'll need wires, try to get the slightly thicker ones so it's not so flimsy. And also a pair of pliers and a wire cutter.

Measure and cut! About 5pieces will do.

Cut smaller pieces, about 2.5" long. You'll need 2 for each thorn!

Use the pliers and start twisting your first thorn! Leave the 2 small spikes sticking out. Then take the second piece and twist over it.
I prefer to start in the middle of the wires to keep the headpiece in shape.

It should look something like this!
Continue doing this all around the headpiece :)

Finally bind the ends together with another piece of wire, and cut off the excess 

And you're done!

Hope you guys liked this tutorial ♥

Outfit: Crucify My Love Top - Julien / Leather Pants - H&M / Wedges - The Editor's Market

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