Coping With Losing A Close Friend

Friday, March 08, 2013

I lost my best friend last year and till this day I haven't fully gotten over it. It's strange how losing a close friend can make one feel like they've lost the whole world. We used to talk everyday about every random thing and had each other's backs when bad things happened. Then slowly things began to change and eventually what's left of the chemistry we had disappeared as well. Recently, I've had friends who shared with me on how hurt they felt when they lost a close friend, and also came across stories of girls facing this issue.  So I thought of sharing these articles which helped me, and hopefully might be of some help to you :)

 "Behind the warm fuzzies of women's friendship lies this reality: Even the most loyal girl friend can expect to lose many pals over the course of her life, says Irene S. Levine, Ph. D., author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Break-up with Your Best Friend. Losses can be triggered by moves, marriage and pregnancy, evolving interests or career changes, or something as serious as X sleeping with Y when Y belongs to U." - Full Article Here

When your friend pulls away from you - Full Article Here

"There are many different ways you can lose a close friend -- through death, a quarrel, changing interests or growing in different directions. When couples split up, their friends may drift away, not wanting to choose sides. No matter how you lose a best friend, it always hurts and leaves a hole in your life. The loss needs to be respected and given the same credence as the loss of any loved one. It hurts just as much to lose a best friend."
- Full Article Here

I know how painful it is to lose someone close to you. But things do get better over time. Soon you'll realize you've already survived 6 months on your own! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and someone (in my case God) is watching over all of us ♡

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  1. this is so true. I also lost my close friend quite a long time ago but it still feels really weird when I see her or when I find a picture with her. I have a similar story and those articles are really inspiring! thanks for sharing <3

  2. Hi Karolina,
    I hope you're feeling better about your friend :) Its nice to know someone else feels the same way, thank you for your lovely comment!


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