DIY: Knotted Headband

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Hello! Here's a tutorial on how to make your own knotted headband!

1. Cut two long strips off your old clothing; 3" wide and approximately 22" long. The longer the better, length can be adjusted later.

Take the first strip and lay it down like this:

2. Place the second strip over the first strip

3. Place the right side of the first strip over the second one

4. Take the left side of the second strip and place it under the hoop of the first one

5. This is the tricky part, take the right side of the second piece and slide it through the hoop going under the left side of the second piece

You should see a very loose knot, and then pull lightly to tighten the knot

It should look something like this

5. Adjust the size of the headband accordingly, then place the two ends together and sew it up with a small piece of excess cloth !

And it's done! 

Have fun making your own headband ♥

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