Twistshake Bottle

Wednesday, June 07, 2017
Introducing the Twistshake bottle, a baby product from Sweden :)

The Twistshake bottle is unique for it's ability to help caretakers infuse fruits into sippy bottles for babies to drink. This means that baby can now have more interesting yet healthy drink options! I personally really like the idea because I'm not a fan of plain drinking water LOL, so I've actually been "sharing" this with Kayla so I drink some healthy flavoured water as well haha

This is how it looks like with fruits infused in the water! I mixed strawberries and pear for this :)

Kayla with her Twistshake bottle!

There are actually more unique products on the Twistshake site like insulated bottles and baby pacifiers. Enter "audt20" at checkout to enjoy 20% off your cart! 



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