Hens Night at The Canopi Bintan

Monday, June 26, 2017
Celebrated my good friend's Hen's night at The Canopi Bintan!

So glad we found this place because it was totally within our budget while exceeding all our expectations haha. First time glamping so this was a pretty amazing experience for me :)
Only downside was.. NO ROOM SERVICE. This was a major deal breaker for me!
** Canopi Bintan if you ever read this, please implement room service! Then I can bring my family back there for a short getaway hehe **

One of the girls and I planned this setup together and we were so proud of ourselves because of the limited amount of time we had hee. Not bad right? :D

A "happy corner" for all the booze (not much I know haha, but enough to get us a little tipsy)

We got soo carried way taking pictures inside we missed the sunset LOL.. so wasted lo!

Managed to capture some outdoor shots before the sun was completely gone

All the tents! Pretty amazed that it's all sound proof? But the toilet area isn't soundproof and apparently we got a lot of complaints from the neighbouring tents at night for being too noisy oops

Thought this was so beautiful!

We picked the tent with a jacuzzi and it was so great! Too bad I couldn't go in because... it's that time of the month sighs. Anyway this was also when we got all the complaints for being too noisy because we were playing music + the jacuzzi was super loud so we ended up having to talk even louder LOL

Great time with these girls! Looking forward to the big day now! :)


  1. 4 of you are truly beautiful...be happy always, ladies ...


  2. Such a Fun World you are in. Enjoy your moments ladies.



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