Zara - Shop Online (Media Launch Event)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
#dearsingapore , Zara is now available online! 

Was honestly sooo excited when I first received Zara's e-invite for their online launch because now I can finally shop from the comfort of my bed :) I believe this brand needs no introduction ya? 

For the benefit of those who've never heard of Zara before - it's basically a clothing store that sells really chic and good quality pieces at affordable prices!

Love, love, love shopping at Zara.. especially when there's a sale going on! And best part is, only min purchase of $75 for free shipping ~ that's super easy for me to hit because I'll have to shop for myself, D, and my two girls hehe

So anyway, I attended the media preview with my friend and am here to share some pictures from the event :)

Us checking out the new site and their upcoming collections! Loving the decor of the event venue - lots of wood, minimal layout, and some greens 

Even though I'm not a fan of colourful things, I can imagine myself wearing a number of these pieces

We also got to preview a super chic line of menswear that's hitting the stores soon!

Zara's also launching an eco-friendly line of clothing made of sustainable materials - think a lot of bigger brands are moving in that direction which is really cool IMO. 
We're both dressed in Zara by the way hehe 

Went home and placed my order once the site was live hahaha - here's my Zara #ootd

Fell in love with this leather cropped top at the event!

And I got myself a pair of sliders as well, super love! Already wore this out a couple of times :)

Happy shopping ~


  1. It’s an indisputable fact: Fashion girls love Zara ...


  2. Haha..It’s time to add a few more shopping haunts to your wardrobe


  3. My shopping proclivities are very strange. I hate going into stores. I hate spending a lot of money. I hate poor quality. This is why Zara is the perfect store for me, and you, and everybody we know.


  4. Hi I love Zara ...Zara is always two steps ahead of everyone else, and not only is she leading the way, she's changing the face of what we expect from High Street fashion. Enjoy your on line collection!



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