Birthday Note To My Kayla

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My baby is two now omg.. 
(and all her photos/vids from birth are still in a mess haha)
These two years really flew by so so quickly, and I know I'll miss this stage of her life so much when I look back next time sighs ~

Thank you for bringing so much joy into mama's life my little Kayla bee; words cannot even begin to describe the amount of love I have for you. My heart literally melts each time you flash me one of your cheeky smiles, or when you suddenly run over, sit on me and start giggling, or when you start performing on of your dances very seriously hahaha. I'm totally smiling while writing this because I can picture you in my head doing the actions to the "star jump" song :) 

You really are one of a kind and I hope you will forever have the confidence to stay true to yourself and let your unique personality shine.  

Love you so much my baby bee, Happy Birthday  


  1. She is cute...
    A child this age wears her heart on her sleeve — and in her voice, her fists, her stamping feet, and her crocodile tears. You seldom have to guess about a 2-year-old's emotional state. Expressing emotions is healthy, even when they aren't happy ones. So don't feel you have to rush in to placate your child at the first pout or sad sniffle. Have fun with your Kayla....


  2. Hi Tip for the terrible 2 here:
    Two-year-old do test limits and disagree with parents, of course, but they're also developing more of a desire to please you. They want to be good! They want to help! Routines and consistency in your responses help your child learn the ropes and keep everyday life running smoothly. So Enjoy your Kayla for these wonderful times being together!


  3. Hi a very resourceful link for my babies when they were around 2 and below 2:

    Q: How Can I Teach My Baby To Talk?
    A: You have been teaching your baby to talk ever since the first time you said hello to her. In fact, some experts think a baby’s understanding of language begins in the womb. Each day when you talk, she is learning new words, understanding what they mean and, perhaps, repeating sounds herself. To help your baby learn to talk, you should: - See more at:


  4. Ya, she is such a happy and healthy baby.. that is the most important thing to a parent!



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