Churro101 Christmas Specials Event

Monday, December 12, 2016
This was the reason why I was so busy the last two weeks hahaha ~ Am so happy to see the fruits of my labour because it really does take quite a lot of effort to implement new product offerings and hold an event to share about it - everything DIY loll

So, the event was held last Thursday at our Bugis+ outlet, and I'm so so thankful to all who came and shared - THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING! ♥︎ And also a big thank you to our giftbag sponsors - Pororo Park Singapore , Asiasoft (Maplestory) and Party in a Box ( on ig) :)

The people behind-the-scenes who helped me out so much to make sure everything ran smoothly ~ ♥︎

Hehe this is my mini instagram table featuring our bestseller - Dark Chocolate Coated Almond Churros! 

And I prepared a whole bunch of walking pet balloons for the kids, in the end most of it were taken by adults hahahaha ~ I actually saved one kitty one for Kayla but she deflated it after 5mins of playing by biting it's nose -_-

With the ig mamas and their beautiful kids! Wish Kayla could have been there as well sighs but she was down with flu :/

With some of the other influencers whom I've had the privilege of knowing over the past year! So nice to see everyone again :)

Self promoting my products again hahaha ~

Apple Cinnamon Cup - $5.90
Cookie Butter Cup - $5.90
Iced Chocolate - $5.20
Hot Chocolate - $4.50

Available till end December at all Churro101 (@churro101sg) outlets!
(Bugis+ / 313@Somerset / Vivocity / Tampines1)


  1. Wow... how does it taste really?!!


  2. Great Job... Nice event!


  3. Good to have your own business and promote your your own making. Congrats to you and wish you all the best you can get from this venture that you have stepped into in!!



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