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Tuesday, November 29, 2016
An organic, sustainably sourced range of products that’s safer for your babies have finally arrived on our shores. Ecostore, a brand originating from an eco-village in New Zealand, is a product of extensive research and innovation with a focus on putting your health first. 

(Close up of their star baby products!)

1. Baby Moisturiser
A blend of olive, jojoba and coconut oils in a shea butter base that nourishes baby’s skin after bath to prevent dryness and irritation.

2. Baby Shampoo
Nourishing shampoo containing a delicate blend of lavender and geranium oils that gently cleanses baby’s hair while retaining moisture.  The wash water from baby’s bath can also safely be re-used on flower gardens, lawns and trees! 

3. Baby Body Wash
An environmentally friendly soap that’s made with plant-based ingredients to match the oils and amino acids found naturally in babies’ skin.

4. Sleepytime Bath
A soothing soap made with a gentle blend of lavender and geranium oils to add to baby’s bath water. Just a small amount of this will help get baby ready for bedtime!

Kayla often gets insect bites on her arms and legs because we live in a landed property, and it really irks me to see little scars all over her body so I’m quite particular about what we use on her skin. Was really taken with Ecostore products because it’s rare to find baby soaps/lotions that are completely free from nasty chemicals. Their body wash is not only gentle, but also promises to cleanse without stripping baby’s skin of its natural protective oils. 

And we love the scent of the soaps as well! Smells very fresh haha. When we were taking pictures for this post, my aunt actually came into the room and asked me what smells so nice (:

Ecostore products also come in travel size, which is perfect for holidays! They have a whole range of products from soaps to laundry to home cleaners and sprays. It’s so great because this way you can be sure your entire home is “babysafe” hehe. 

Ecostore products are not only safe for babies but safe for the environment as well. It’s not tested on animals and they only use sustainably sourced plant and mineral-based ingredients, which is kinder to our planet. All ingredients are honestly listed on their product labels so mummies can be assured that baby’s skin is safe from any harmful chemicals as well! 

Ecostore products can be found at Watsons’ islandwide as well as on their online shop HERE

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  1. Thank you for sharing... we like New Zealand 's products.


  2. Like your report. hank you.


  3. sound good for my baby too...


  4. Visited their website.. very impressed.


  5. Your 2 babies are so cute.... congrats for having the right products for them both!!


  6. I like to have these product for my baby too! Thank you for sharing


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