The Natal Kitchen - Confinement Delivery Singapore Review

Monday, October 17, 2016

Am so happy to share this with all mamas-to-be who are considering a DIY confinement ♥︎ Decided to try a confinement meal delivery service this time thanks to a recommendation from a friend, and I've absolutely no regrets haha. 

I opted for a 14-day single meal package from The Natal Kitchen costing me $430 (which is about $30.71 for each meal). The reason I decided on a single meal package was because my family was quite skeptical about the food being fresh and would prefer for me to eat freshly cooked food from home for the other meal. However, I had serious doubts on my helpers' ability to cook the confinement soups because the soups from my previous confinement tasted really bad even though my aunt bought all the herbs hehh. So I was pretty insistent on ordering haha

All meals are delivered in this thermal bag so it's still relatively hot when it arrives! If you prefer to heat up your food first, all meals are sealed in microwaveable packaging :) 

I honestly love most of the dishes, especially the soups! I think there's only one soup so far that I didn't like lol. Most of the dishes tastes just like what you'd get at a yummy zi char shop so don't worry about it tasting bland and gingery hehh. 

There are also variations in the rice served. On certain days you'd get white rice while on other days you're served brown rice so it doesn't get boring :) And I must add that the portions are really big as well, most days I actually end up eating some of the dishes for dinner haha, value for money!! :D

Anyway, the thing that I like the most about this company is the service. Not only is their respond time fast, their service is really 5stars. What happened was I needed to make some last minute changes, and Lynda was prompt in her response and accommodated to my requests. First thing that happened was us needing to extend our stay in the hospital, so I had to shift the start date of my meals at the last minute. And a few days into my package, Tiffany's jaundice was still high so I needed to cut ginger out of my diet completely, Lynda was so nice and saw to it that there's no ginger in my meals and drinks! Thank you so much ♥︎

If you're interested in ordering your confinement meals too, here's the link to their site -


  1. Wow, sound like an excellent choice!




  3. This is my most favorite dish from their menu:

    Foo Chow red wine chicken (Hong jiu ji)

    improve blood circulation and lower cholesterol

    This is good too:
    Papaya Soup with Groundnuts and Black Eye Peas
    Helps improve 'Qi', promotes secretion of breast milk and nourishes the skin

    Happy CONFINEMENT Days to you!!!


  4. Wow, in this case, you should engage them for the full month confinement!

    The website really bring much delight to the readers!

    All the best to your 2nd CONFINEMENT experience.


  5. Seems like you truly have the best option... looks delicious lol...



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