Baby Tiffany's Birth Story

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Been silent for awhile now because I went into labour on the 4th of October and have been spending the past week getting used to life as a mama of 2 ♥︎

Tiffany was born on 4th October 2016 at about 12:10pm; 37weeks at 2.5kg

Birth Story
My labour process this time was sooo different from my first (read post here) because I didn't feel any painful contractions or experience a bloody show. Instead, I felt period-like cramps and strong braxton hicks contractions for a couple of days continuously before heading to the hospital. To be honest, if not for my doctor telling me to be prepared for Tiffany to come anytime that week cos she's really low and engaged, I would have not gone to the hospital because my memory of what contractions are supposed to feel like was so different! 

(In case you didn't know) 3rd October is actually my birthday hehe, so I was out on both the 2nd and 3rd to celebrate with family and close friends. After dinner on the 2nd, I went home with super strong braxton hicks contractions, it was so strong I thought I might just give birth that night! But then late at night it suddenly went away -_- Again I started feeling strong braxton hicks contractions and cramping again on the 3rd after dinner, this time I kept telling myself its probably another false alarm. But then the contractions persisted, and even though it wasn't the unbearably painful kind, it became more regular and intense. Finally at 5am, I decided to take a shower just in case, and woke D up telling him we might have to go to the hospital heh. We decided to call the nurse first just to be sure and she told me to quickly head to the hospital. 

We got to the hospital at about 6 in the morning and still had time to go through the registration and administration process hahaha. Think the lady processing the admin work for us was really stressed though! She was like telling us that she's already explaining everything to us in "express" format haha. When I was finally settled down in the delivery ward the contractions eased and I was like omg is it false alarm?! Thank God the nurse checked me and I was already 3cm dilated. My doctor came by shortly after and told me she's expecting me to deliver by midday (how is she so accurate?!), so in the end I had time to eat breakfast and sleep first before baby came! This labour is seriously so relaxing?! The epidural worked perfectly this time as well so I literally felt no pain lol, and then I woke at 11plus feeling intense contractions and called the nurse.. I was 9.5cm dilated already! And after 10mins of pushing.. baby Tiffany is out!! 

The epidural had a horrible side effect on me this time though; after delivery I started shaking uncontrollably for the next 2hours and puking along the way. It was so bad that I could hardly carry Tiffany at all and only managed to let her latch for the first time after all the shaking stopped. After I was wheeled back to the ward, I had fever and super bad cramps for the whole of the first day. Am so glad that's all over now! 

The happiest part of this whole process was seeing my Kayla's reaction to myself and her new baby sister, she really is so sweet ♥︎

D managed to convince the nurses to allow Kayla into the delivery ward for awhile and she came in and started inspecting everything to make sure mama is fine! After I was wheeled back to the ward she went straight into the room and did the same thing before coming to my bedside and reaching out to me and calling "mama mama mama" hehehe. 

And when Kayla saw Tiffany on the first day, she was so happy she kept looking at us and smiling  brightly while trying to pat her baby sister's head! We were wondering if she thought we got her a new toy? All my worries about her feeling jealous or neglected were for nothing hehe

We also ended up extending our stay from 2nights to 4nights because Tiffany has high jaundice levels and would need to stay in for phototherapy. It's kinda a blessing in disguise because mama here got to rest A LOT hahaha. For the last 2 nights it was literally them passing me baby to feed and me returning baby once she's done cos she needs her treatment; the rest of the time I'm just resting/chatting with whoever is visiting me/watching drama, and everything else I need I just have to call the nurse lol. Only downside is that this time it's so relaxing I barely lost any weight hehh, the last time I was sooo exhausted I dropped 5kg by day 5 postpartum! But honestly, I'd rather go through the more relaxing experience and lose the weight slowly so yay hehe.

Guess that's about it for baby Tiffany's birth story ♥︎ We're back home now and enjoying experiencing life as a new family of 4!


  1. Wonderful story, wonderful family...


  2. Beautiful baby and lovely little sister!

    May the intimate connection between them last forever!!


  3. Nice story... enjoy reading your style of writing.
    Keep it up beautiful young mama!!


  4. Congratulations...
    May the 2 beautiful sisters stay in a loving sibling relationship and caring for one another for the rest of their lives!


  5. Congratulations...
    The best part of having a second child is that no one will try to give you parenting advice because they know you have already done this before.


  6. Cupid smiled upon you when you became a couple. The heavens smiled upon you when you got married. Angels blessed you when you became parents for the first time. The gods themselves have showered you with blessings, as you have become parents yet again. Congratulations.


  7. In the day and age when children are seen as a responsibility, it is wonderful to see parents embracing parenthood as a blessing. Congratulations for becoming parents again.


  8. second baby means double the cuteness, double the sweetness and double the happiness in your family. Congratulations.


  9. The love of a newborn baby is pure, innocent and blissful. Congratulations for being able to experience it for the second time.


  10. The feeling of having your newborn place its head on your chest for the first time as you cuddle its tiny fingers is one of the miracles of life. You are lucky to have experienced it twice. Congratulations.


  11. Congratulations for giving birth for the second time. You are on your way to officially earn the degree Masters of Changing Nappies.


  12. Your first child was your first step at becoming a mother and a father. Your second child is the final step in your journey to become a loving family. Congratulations.


  13. As human beings, you both have so many qualities that it would have been impossible to for one child to inherit all of them. Now you can pass on some of those qualities to your second bundle of joy. Congratulations.


  14. I officially declare you the strongest woman in the world to be able to tolerate the pains of labor and the sleepless nights that will now ensue, for a second time around. Congratulations to the new mommy.


  15. The experience of raising your first child will help you giving your second child an even better childhood. Congratulations.


  16. If your first child is anything to go by, your second child is going to have the best upbringing ever. Congratulations to the best parents in the world.


  17. Such a relaxed birth experience! Congratulations again, Audrey. Tiffany looks very kwai and demure :) On the contrary, my second child came within an hour of reaching the hospital, so I was very paranoid that my third baby would come flying out!


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