Pregnancy 2 - Week 24 - Big Changes

Saturday, July 09, 2016

I'm officially 6months pregnant and in my third trimester! Feels like every week is passing by so so quickly lately; been super busy trying to keep up with work, baby and also blogging/social events etc. Honestly, I'm also guilty of becoming too comfortable with just updating on my Dayre instead hahaha, it's so easy to continuously post daily over there because I can just lay in bed and do it over the phone :D If you are interested in my day-to-day life, click HERE ♥︎

So anyway, a lot has happened over the past few weeks, and it's not all baby related but I'll just document it in this post so I'll be able to look back on this time in my life easily :D

The biggest change that's happened to us recently is our new car!! Its something we've been looking forward to for so long, and we're just so happy that its here! We made a decision to change our car some time in Dec/Jan because our previous car kept giving us a ton of problems and it was starting to act up pretty badly. After doing lots of research and asking around, we decided to just splurge on a good first hand car that will last us for years to come. So long story short, we were really sad to find out that this particular Mercedes model we wanted was completely sold-out at Cycle&Carriage and we had to wait for 6months. But after checking out other brands and models, our hearts kept coming back to this so we ended up paying the deposit and just waited.. and waited... and finally its here!!♥︎

Cannot stop obsessing over this new baby of mine ♥︎♥︎ 

My Kayla on the day we collected our car, thought she looked so adorbs in this outfit hehe

This was another memorable moment for us recently because Kayla finally got to meet the doctor that delivered her, Doctor Wendy from Wendy Women's Clinic. We found her by chance when I was first pregnant with Kayla and went to her solely based on the fact that she was the only available doctor out of all those I tried calling that day hahaha. But turns out, God had planned the most perfect doctor for me and I'm so happy that she's delivering #2 for me as well!

A few of my friends are going to her now too and they are all very happy :) My good friend just delivered today, and just now when we were visiting with her at the hospital, she told me a nurse told her she's in good hands because Dr Wendy is one of the best around! 

Which brings me to this 3rd memorable moment haha, meet baby Elijah! I completely forgot how tiny newborns were and seeing Elijah today made me feel excited about #2's arrival. He's 3+kg but he still looks soooo small haha, I can't imagine how tiny Kayla must have been since she was only 2.4kg then. I miss my infant Kayla bee! 

This Kayla really liked touching the baby and then clapping haha.. I hope she will be as happy to touch and hold #2 when she's here too!

How did 1.5years pass by so quickly?! Kayla is turning 18months in August omg. 

To be honest, one of my anxieties for this pregnancy is whether I'll have the capacity to love another child as much as I love my Kayla. And another part of me is afraid I'll end up falling so deeply in love with #2 that I'll neglect Kayla. Haiii don't know if its the hormones that's making me think too much lol.

Moving on, another good thing that's happened to me recently is signing on with my new hair sponsor, COVO Salon! Will be doing more in depth blog posts on my hair journey with them over the next couple of months :) 

I had such a great experience getting my hair permed and cut on my first visit and am definitely looking forward to going back hehe - this is the Keong Saik Branch

With my hairstylist, Natsumi-san from Japan!

COVO Salon is a franchise from Japan so all their stylists are flown in from Japan as well ♥︎

On my work end, things are also getting pretty exciting which explains why I've been so swamped these past couple of weeks. Our new outlet is opening at Vivocity on 25th July! Construction begins next Monday and we are flying off to Sydney next Wednesday so it's been a mad rush to get everything done before we go off on our family trip hehe (which is another good thing that's happened to me). In addition to that, there are a couple of new things that we will be doing as well; like new products added to the menu etc, there's also talks for overseas expansion, so looks like the second half of 2016 is going to be great! 

And finally to top it all off, we attended the launch of Stokke's new baby carrier today at Motherswork as a family and ended up buying a new Stokke Xplory stroller because we were all given complimentary VIP membership cards which entitles us to 10% off lol. 

Stokke strollers have been on my dream baby stuff list for a long time because they just looked sooo pretty but I never actually thought that I'd purchase one someday simply because of their exorbitant price tag. But D has been mentioning maybe getting a stokke for #2 recently after seeing some of the strollers around, and today when Kayla sat so happily in it.. we just couldn't resist haha - I actually wrote about this in detail on my Dayre hehh. 

So anyway, our new stroller will be arriving just in time for our Aussie trip next week so at least Kayla will get to enjoy it for awhile before #2 comes in Oct ♥︎


  1. Wow...such an eventful raise report.

    All the best of all your plans especially your family trip to Sydney!


  2. I can see that you are the believer of: "Someone's opinion of you, does not become your reality..." so keep on FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM!
    .... I am absolutely sure that you are already on a wonderful journey of pursuing your dream.


  3. Oh, I enjoy reading your blog, so much to tell lol....


  4. An interesting busy life style....

    Hi mama Kayla bee, relax...I glad that you are leaving for a vocation next week!
    Yes, please take great care of yourself and both of your little ones!


  5. The #2 will not know which stroller is for her, but your Little Kayla would have already developed her preference of what she like (She will be in a stage of developing her identity with her belongings)...hence, take care of her sensitive feelings when the new baby( new baby has no preference yet) arrives! Let her learn to share her formal stroller with her new sister, and eventually, she will be willing to share all that she had with her, take good care of her and coach her.

    All the best with the two loving sisters in the family!


  6. Excellent hair do...
    and also enjoy your life stories!



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