Ocean Restaurant By Cat Cora At RWS

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sharing this amazing experience my family and I had recently at Ocean Restaurant By Cat Cora at Resorts World Singapore ♥︎

This is basically how the restaurant looks like! So so beautiful!

Kayla was totally smitten by the fishes and manta rays haha

This dinner was actually planned by D which I thought was really sweet since there was no occasion for it and he rarely ever plans for anything romantic haha 

The Food

(Lobster Dumpling)

D went for the set dinner while I ordered a serving of Lobster Dumpling for myself since there were some dishes in the set that's unsuitable for pregnant women. I guess my favourite from the meal was the dessert in D's set haha. To be honest, we were pretty disappointed with the food. It's definitely high quality and very fancy, but in comparison to other fine dining restaurants we've been to that charges about the same price, there was nothing particularly memorable for us. I feel that this restaurant is worth visiting if you are going more for the underwater dining experience than for the food. 

Hehe rare family photo of us! 

We honestly had a great time because the entire experience felt kinda surreal and my whole mind was fixated on trying to take nicer pictures to remember this day lol. It was, however, a big big challenge trying to eat at a fine dining restaurant with a toddler. Kayla was super active and either wanted to plaster her face on the aquarium glass or run around the whole place. So I guess we won't be having family dinners at fancy places like this with her for awhile (unless maybe if help came along ha). 

One more look at this gorgeous aquarium ♥︎♥︎

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  1. I was seeking a chance to excite my young child and an opportunity to share about the sea while taking his meal. Ocean Restaurant Sentosa came to mind. Looking at the marketing info, I initial fear that this high class restaurant would not accept kids was put aside when they took my reservation. In fact there is a kid's menu included as option. We did not regret as the kid cleaned his plate! Food at the restaurant compliments the environment and something that I enjoyed. A table next to the glass up close with the fishes completes the most enjoyable dinner that we had for a long time. Then the price. I would expect something higher and prepared but the surprise damage is very reasonable for the environment and great food! I love it (and so is my party including the young one). We will definitely go back again!

  2. Last minute stop for lunch while passing through Singapore. The views are spectacular and if you can get a window table it's even better. But the restaurant is narrow so nowhere us far from the window and view is not obstructed. The set menu was excellent, with good quality dishes. Wait staff were very good when we were there. I know there have complained about the staff, but we experienced none of this. A very enjoyable meal with views.

  3. We went to the Aquarium on Sentosa and happened upon Ocean Restaurant by Chef Cat Cora. The price for the pre-fix lunch was slightly expensive (can't recall exactly how much, I think it was about $60 US dollars for an appetizer, main, dessert) but not too bad for the location.

    The location was excellent. The restaurant is situated to the Left of the really big tank so the view was spectacular. My friend and I kept being distracted by the various sea life swimming by. Our favorite was a REALLY big manta ray. During our lunch, a few divers went into the tank. And the divers had lots of bubbles rising to the surface from their air tanks. The big manta ray kept swimming in tight vertical loops through the bubbles, trying to "eat" the air bubbles. At one point the big manta ray tried to eat the bubbles for 4 to 5 minutes!

    The food itself was good - but I wouldn't say entirely memorable. I would eat at Ocean again, but I wouldn't go to Ocean just to eat the food.
    The location and view upstages the food.


  4. Visited together with my boyfriend in July last year to celebrate our anniversary. The restaurant was quite hard to get to. We had to approach the staff we came across at the attractions and they then told us that the restaurant will send a buggy to pick us up from the carpark at the basement. We waited for about 15minutes before the buggy arrived. The restaurant was located somewhere within the carpark at the basement which we found to be weird. Most probably because the aquariums were all located below ground level and it was why the restaurant could only be situated there.
    We made a reservation requesting for a table by the aquarium glass and were told that the tables right in front were all reserved. When the staff brought us to our table, We were terribly disappointed its location as it was right beside a pillar and our view was blocked from the other half of the aquarium. The interesting thing was that there was a table by the front corner of the aquarium that was empty throughout the entire time we were there and we were told that the front tables were all fully reserved.
    Two tables away, there was a large group of about 8-10 people who looked like they were from a upper class family and they spoke and laughed so loudly as if they booked the entire restaurant and they weren't any other patrons there. Despite being served such delicious food, the inconsiderate people totally ruined our mood that night.


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