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Monday, November 30, 2015

Am sure all of you reading this are familiar with BRAND’S®, most famous for their Bird’s Nest Drink and Essence of Chicken Drink (: Growing up, there’s always a box of BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest and Essence of Chicken lying somewhere around the house lol. They are also one of the first few brands that comes to mind when I need to shop for a gift, simply because they are suitable for everyone haha

Recently I’ve come to realize that the older I get, the more health conscious I become. Mainly because I’m starting to feel the stark difference when I have to continue working the next day with little sleep, not to mention my memory is so so bad now after pregnancy! So these health supplements from BRAND’S® really came at the right time for me and I am so grateful for it. Having to juggle between long hours of work and caring for a baby is really tough, and I know I have to stay in tip top condition to face all my daily struggles. Really no amount of money can buy health!

So anyway, my favourite health drinks from the BRAND’S® range is definitely the Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar and InnerShine®Berry Essence drink! I love the fact that they taste super yummy even though they are health supplements hehe (yes a lot of healthy things taste really bad!) 

Most of you should be already familiar with the health benefits of Bird’s Nest so I’m going to share more about the InnerShine®Berry Essence here instead (:

The InnerShine® Berry Essence is actually really good for your eyes! It contains seven premium berries, which neutralize harmful free radicals and prevent the degeneration of eye cells. Featuring zinc and fortified with Vitamin A, C & E, the InnerShine® Berry Essence provides the required nutrients to benefit ocular health. One bottle daily is recommended to combat dull and tired eyes! And moreover, since Christmas is around the corner, BRAND’S® is introducing a special Christmas pack that costs only $9.90 for 4bottles, good deal right?

There is one other product that I feel deserves a special mention here too, the RubyCollagen Essence Strip! Unlike normal collagen, RubyCollagen contains the special RubySignature™ formula that is made with a unique blend of ingredients derived from natural sources helping to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity. Since everybody loves looking good, this will make a great Christmas gift for all and especially for moms who are vainpots like me hehe. By the way, there’s currently a special promotion for the RubyCollagen Essence Strip now, promotion available here :)

Big thank you to BRAND’S® for sending over all these yummy health drinks! Am definitely keeping the Bird’s Nest and InnerShine® Berry Essence for myself hahaha, although I know my husband loves the Bird’s Nest too :D Think he really needs the Essence of Chicken as a pick-me-up though because he’s been working real hard.

Ending off this post with a candid shot of Kayla rummaging through all the boxes haha. She was really intrigued by the pictures on the boxes! 

If you’re still wrecking your brain for Christmas gift ideas, do check out BRAND’S® online Christmas Guide (will definitely make Christmas shopping for all the important people in your life easier lol). Link here!

As for myself, I’ll definitely be getting a bunch of BRAND’S® Christmas packs for my family and friends this year! (: 



  1. This post is filled with holiday season atmosphere..
    Hahaha, the baby Kayla's excitement add more into it!

  2. Wow, great idea for gifting


  3. Full of energy and vitality....
    Must try before this year end!


  4. So Happy for you ...especially for your baby;
    she was so excited for all of your wonderful gifts!


  5. I did not aware of the BRAND’S® already has so many variety of products..

    wow, it is so different from my old memory of BRAND’S®!
    this is especially true while I browsed through their website !


  6. Nice post..interesting information.



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