Struggling Between Work & Baby

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'm tired, so tired. It''s 2:17am now and I'm finally taking a break, spent the last 2hrs shuttling between a teething baby who keeps waking up and doing my design for our hoarding board.

For those of you who don't know (most people think I'm a full fledged stay at home mom), my husband and I actually started our own business early this year. We've been toying with the idea of starting something of our own since last year and took a couple of months to finally decide on franchising our current business. Our first brand is a popular korean F&B brand, Churro101. So, if you're residing in Singapore, please support! Will greatly appreciate it ♥︎ We're super busy right now because our first store will be opening on 1st Oct, but official opening day is on 3rd Oct. There will be 1for1 churros all day! Do come by and say hi! Our store is at Bugis+. Am really excited about it cos we've been preparing for this since April, really hope everyone will like our churros :D

So anyway, I'm feeling exhausted lately because I'm not only busy with work, but I've also been receiving more requests for sponsored posts and invitations for events. To be honest I feel really blessed and happy that more companies are interested in collaborating with me, but it's also very time consuming. Lately my days are like, wake up/respond to emails/pump milk/go out for meetings/pump milk/take photos/continue my work or edit pics or attend event or meet friends/pump milk and rush to bathe/take over baby at 1030pm/continue whatever I need to do after baby sleeps which is usually after 1am. So it feels kinda nice to have some extra time now to just blog about whatever comes to mind haha. 

I've also been feeling kind of guilty in regards to Kayla, especially today. I only spent 5-10mins with her before going out because my afternoon turned out to be unexpectedly busy. After coming home and showering all, I only had time to talk to her for awhile before having to put her to sleep. So scared we end up drifting! Thank God not everyday is this hectic, I still want to be there as much as possible while she's growing up. Need to learn how to manage my time better! #newgoal

Okay I think I'm done ranting, sorry if this post is really pointless, this turned out to be longer than what I'd expected heh. I think I better sleep soon, thanks for reading and good night! 


  1. Your baby looked at you with such total trust and love...

    She is so unresistable <3


  2. Psa 127:3 Look, children are an inheritance from יהוה, The fruit of the womb is the reward.
    Psa 127:4 As arrows in the hand of a mighty man, So are the children of one’s youth.
    Psa 127:5 Blessed is the man Who has filled his quiver with them. They are not ashamed, When they speak with their enemies in the gate.


  3. Your Churro101 Singapore looks fantastic...
    your sure have a bright future with this franchise business!!!

    Congrats to you!


  4. Not to worry, all is well..

    For certain time, as long as the baby still having her routine learning activities, she is fine!!


  5. Your Churro 101 Singapore 츄러스 really different...!!!
    never heard of these common Churros has become such an celebrity packaging!!
    Success be with you and your family>


  6. I like the post you have your daughter picture on...
    she was saying: " MOM, this is not negotiable!"


  7. Your baby is your DREAM....Miss Beauty!!
    However, you need not to sacrifice your BLOG and your sponsors also...
    Pray for wisdom oto doing things right!!

    You will overcome it...<3


  8. Hello, the most fortunate new mama on earth...

    I envy you so much....

    It is an excellent sign as you are in need to many demands...

    Relax and take it easy..

    Do whatever brings you great satisfaction and confidence!!

    Yes stay on your course, it is only a transitioning time, every thing will be OK
    to you and your baby and your business ...and you personal interests!!!

    Go for your dreams and listening to your inner voices <3

    Benji Reece

  9. Enjoy your way of writing, very genuine!!


  10. Feel how you feel..struggle what you are struggling..

    So difficult to make everything right!!!


  11. Your baby is so adorable...this photo is an excellent shot!!


  12. Kayla looks so cute here~
    Jia you! You can do it. Hope i can make it down on 1 Oct!


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