[Sponsored] Hegen Baby Bottle Review

Monday, August 24, 2015

Kayla's got new baby bottles! Hehe we've been using Hegen bottles for the last 2 weeks and we're very happy with our experience so far, thank you Hegen ♥︎

Beautifully packaged Hegen products

"Hegen is the world’s first baby bottle without a screw neck, Hegen’s Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open (PCTO™) innovative bottles allow parents to simply close the bottle with one hand, making nursing hassle-free!"

My Review

I personally really loved the press-to-close, twist-to-open idea because when your baby is hungry and screaming away for milk, having to slowly screw your baby bottle while your whole mind is in panic mode can be pretty annoying. I also noticed that Hegen bottles were a lot easier for Kayla to self-feed! Maybe it's because the teat is not right in the middle but closer to one side, so it was easier for her to hold it up for longer amounts of time. I really enjoy watching her hold her own bottle so this is a plus for me!

For this set of bottles, founder Mrs Yvon Bock recommended size 2 teats for us since Kayla is about 6months old now and was still using size 1 teats. The size 2 teats turned out to be perfect for her, so she doesn't take as long to finish her milk now! We also compared Hegen teats to the previous ones Kayla was using, and it was definitely softer. Guess that's one of the reasons why Kayla seems to enjoy using Hegen teats so much :) 

Overall we are very happy with using Hegen products and will recommend them to all mummies! ♥︎

Available at Motherswork Singapore


  1. Oh, we love hegen baby bottle!!

    Just for this one benefit is enough for me to fall in love with it in the first sight of it:
    These milk storage bottles make very good snack holders because they are air tight and just the right size for kids to hold. And because of the PCTO cover, the kids can close the bottles on their own but will need the adults to open it for them. This is important because I have experienced enough spillage and wastage when the girls tried opening up their own boxes of snacks.

    Yeah, though all my babies are grown up now, I still having and using thoses wonderful bottles at home!


  2. That is different....Ahaa..Neat Product!


  3. I visited the site, I found this feature very interesting:

    " Hegen’s first-of-its-kind off-centre teat promotes feeding in an upright position, which decreases the risk of the back flow of milk, thus reducing the likelihood of mid-ear complications. The bottle’s elliptical shaped and ultra soft silicone teat is designed to closely mimic a mother’s breast. It improves the process of latching on naturally and minimises nipple confusion. Ultimately, the bottle makes it simpler to combine breast and bottle feeding."...Isn't it a great news to all babies?!!


  4. Hello sweetie pie, you have grown so much..
    You are so lovely and healthy..keep it up!!


  5. Seems like she enjoyed her new milk bottle so much..
    hehe, she is lovely, very lovely!



  6. Definately a great design and great product for baby!


  7. Super! Thank you for sharing.



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