Kayla 6 Months

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Baby's officially 6months old! This is definitely a big milestone for us because we only have half a year left of babyhood before she turns into a tiny toddler and starts running around. Recently I can't help but feel like she's the perfect child (haha I think all parents feel the same way about their kids) and am just feeling so thankful to God that He planned her just the way she is for me to enjoy ♥︎ Its amazing how God already knew what type of child would be the most perfect for what type of parent, so everybody's child is basically the perfect child for them! 

Most of you don't know this but I'm actually not a complete stay-at-home mom. My husband and I own our own business (I can't share what it is) but I'm very blessed to be able to plan my own schedule and work from home at this point. That being said, things have started to become a little more hectic lately and I start to find myself feeling guilty for not spending enough time with Kayla, so I really try to squeeze out little pockets of time here and there to bring her out and let her experience new things! One of the places we went by recently is the giant flower shops at Thomson (as pictured above) :) The flowers were all so pretty! But Kayla couldn't take the cold room with all the fresh cut flowers for long and ended up crying to get out haha. 

Kayla has somehow grown into this incredibly happy and playful little girl over the past couple of months. Although she's laughing and smiling at us everyday, she can also be really bratty at times. She'll sometimes wail in a very dramatic manner if we take a toy away or refuse to carry her, but we know she's not really that upset because there's no tears and if you just calmly tell her she's not going to get her way she'll give up in 5mins lol. 

My favourite part about this phase in her life is that she can recognise mama and I truly feel like she loves me the most in this world hahaha :D Most times when she sees me coming she'll start kicking excitedly and smile brightly at me! Or she'll get really happy when I carry her and won't want anybody else to take her away for awhile. My heart also melts everytime she gives me her full attention and just stares at me like I'm her hero. I'm not really sure how to describe it, but it's like she's hanging on to every single word I say and paying full attention to every single expression I make. It really is the most amazing feeling! 

Here's Kayla at my friend's house with her new bunny friend hahaha :D Actually it was a little tough taking these pictures because she kept wanting to hit the bunny and the bunny kept trying to hop away lol. 

These 6months with you have been the best days of mama's life and I wish you'd be this happy for the rest of your life ♥︎


  1. So so happy to read your so so happy motherhood experiences with your so so happy baby...
    She is so remarkably happy and surely she is so so beautiful too!!


  2. Congratulation for having and enjoying your perfect baby !!!


  3. hello little Sweetie, you are Soooo adorable <3


  4. Yes She is the Perfect Baby for you and your family!!

    So Amazing keeping your baby happy, keeping your whole family happy too!!


  5. So Precious <3

    Remind me of my baby girl... She is PERFECT to me too!!!


  6. OMG, So cute! Congrats for having a happy and healthy baby!

    I share that kind of joy from my baby too...


  7. Hi, have you come across of this suggestion:
    45 Things To Do With A 6 Month Old Baby By Issa

    EVERYDAY PLAY – Activities that all babies love and will enjoy everyday.
    Read – A lot of people wait to get started reading books until their child is older, but the best time to start is right away! Board books are made to be chewed on by babies and have bright, contrasting pictures that will catch your baby’s eye. Read slowly, using voices if you like, or just putting a lot of emotion into your words. Let your baby chew the book or bat it around. You only need a small number of books, because your baby will love seeing the same pages over and over again. Dylan’s favorites right now are Longjohns and What Do Sheep Do?

    Sing – Later in this list I suggest some specific songs, but here I’m talking about singing as a casual, regular activity that can enrich your lives. Say your baby’s name in a singsong voice. Make up songs to talk about what you’re doing, “Now we go down the stairs, and here we go to the kitchen, do be do wah, it’s breakfast time!” Your songs don’t have to rhyme and they don’t have to have a snazzy tune. Just setting things to a beat and adding the lilt of your voice makes things interesting for your baby and can help lift both of your moods.

    Dance – If singing baby songs is starting to bore you, turn on the radio, Pandora, or some of your own music collection instead. Hold your baby in your arms or use a carrier and get dancing. Your baby will love to sway side-to-side, bounce up and down, jiggle, wiggle, and boogie!

    Take a Walk – Going for a walk is a guaranteed way to sooth Dylan if he’s cranky or tired. I use a Moby Wrap or Maya Wrap to carry him.

    Bubbles – I have never met a baby who didn’t like bubbles. Whether they like to try to catch the bubbles or just sit and watch, all babies love bubbles. Most of the time it’s a really soothing activity, making it perfect for the afternoon or early evening that is often marked by crankiness.

    Mirror – Looking into a large mirror is an awesome activity with a baby. Dylan loves to play with the baby in the mirror! The motions and expressions catch his eye and hold his interest. Sometimes I take a bathroom mirror off the wall and lean it up on the ground for Dylan to look into, and sometimes I’ll just set him up on the bathroom counter to look into the mirror on the wall.'

    Bouncing On Your Leg – Baby games don’t have to be complicated. Dylan likes to sit on my lap facing me while I make faces at him. For extra fun you can add a word game. I say, “Ride that horsey into town, watch out baby, don’t fall down!” bouncing him on my leg and then tipping him backwards. He also likes “Smooth road”. I sway him side-to-side and say “A smooth road, a smooth road, a smooth road, a smooth road.” Then I bounce him gently and say “A bumpy road” four times, then I bounce him a little harder and say, “A rough road” four times. If he’s in a good mood, at the end I guide him to fall off my lap and we land on the floor in giggles.

    Fun Objects – Be flexible and creative about what you consider a “toy”. Dylan gets a lot of mileage out of kitchen gadgets. Measuring spoons, a whisk, the potato masher, a wooden spoon – all quality toys!
    And More...


  8. Hey Take note of the REGULAR ROUTINES – You can turn the boring things you have to do into fun favorites for your 6 months old baby!

    Have A Conversation – It’s so much fun when babies start to babble. When your baby starts “talking”, talk back. With D, I wait for pauses in his babble, and then I babble back at him or say things like, “Tell me more,” “You don’t say,” “Isn’t that interesting,” etc and then wait for him to say something else.
    Talk, Talk, Talk – As I’m doing this-or-that around the house or out-and-about, I talk about everything I’m doing. I point to things and name them, ask D questions, and then answer them myself. It can feel kind of dorky when you first start babbling about everything going on, but it’s extremely valuable for your baby who will soak it right up.
    Eye Contact – Catch your baby’s eye, then look away, then quickly look back, and smile great big. Or make eye contact, then close your eyes, scrunching your whole face and shoulders up tight, then pop open with a huge surprised look. Or try classic peek-a-boo where you cover your face with your hands, then take your hands away and say “peekaboo!”
    One Too Many – Get three small objects that your baby will like, such as three small colorful blocks. Hand one to your baby and then then another one, so that both of your baby’s hands are full. Then try to hand over the third one. Your baby will have to make the decision to drop one in order to take the third. I really like the facial expressions that happen as D is just learning skills like this.
    Stacking – Stack blocks or nesting cups. Your baby may not be able to stack anything yet but will like to watch you stack things and then will love knocking your stack down! Talk about what you’re doing: “I’m stacking the blocks. Look, one, two, three. One on top of the others. See, a stack.” Then when your baby knocks them down, laugh, and then start another stack.
    Hiding Objects – Take a small object and place it under a cup (or bowl, box, etc). Encourage or help your baby to look under the cup or push it over, and then you can act surprised and talk about the object, “Look! A red block!”
    Out of Reach – Take an interesting item and set it down just outside your baby’s reach. After a moment be helpful and hand the toy over if needed, but you may find that your baby soon loves to scoot, crawl, and wiggle around to get things. I also like to sit or lay a few feet away from D playing with a toy myself. Sometimes it will catch his interest and he’ll come crawling over to check it out.
    Opposite Everything – Opposites can turn almost anything into a baby game. Do something, then the opposite of it, exaggerating the words and making big faces. Hold your baby up in the air, then down near the ground and say, “High and low”. Squat in front of your baby, make eye contact, then stand up, and repeat, saying “Up and down,” or “Tall and short.” Sit facing your baby and put a blanket over both your heads, then take it off, and say, “In and out.” You get the idea. Opposites are a never-ending source of baby games.


  9. I think parents these days really don’t let their kids explore enough outside. I understand why, with the pesticides and such, but if it is in a spot you know doesn’t have those, go for it… I will say though, that the animal manure/urine, etc is a little scary… In 2002 at least 82 people got E. Coli from the county fair, mostly children and at least 12 of them suffered kidney failure from it. When I was a kid, my mom was always worried about the possibility of me eating mushrooms out of the yard.. I loved mushrooms and still do, but they can be dangerous if you are not familiar with what kind they are, etc.. So anyways, these are just a couple of things to keep in mind.

    Also when my daughter was in daycare they did this cute little rhyme/song thing. It is great for learning opposites. There are hand/arm gestures that go along with it, they are pretty self explanatory.. It goes like this

    Hands go up
    Hands go down
    Hands go round and round (like wheels on the bus motion)
    Hands go fast (keeping with the round and round motion)
    Hands go slow

    P.S. Forgot to mention that the E coli outbreak was traced back to the animal exhibit..

  10. All your post especially relating to your baby are fabulous.

    I have found myself at a loss recently as to what to do with my 6 month old. She always seems bored inside. Maybe playing fun little games with her will help get her through those boring rainy days.

    What a great mom you must be for making time for your little ones!
    More laughters and love to you and your baby :)


  11. What a brilliant post, thanks for sharing!

    I noticed yesterday that my baby hardly smiled at me even one. It helped me realize that I need to spend more time with her, rather than just sticking her on her play mat when she is awake so that I can get stuff done.

    Also, I love how you have made boring errands enjoyable for you and the baby. I’m curious how these would work though if you had more than one kid at home.


  12. That’s an awesome post!

    It shows what we all need is to spend time with the lil one and not necessary to buy expensive toys.
    Would like to add some of our games with our little one for new mamas here reading your post:

    Sit on a chair or stool with your back straight. Make your baby stand on your feet holding his arm gently but firmly. Now move your leg up and down, away from ground and back to ground. Say champuchi as you do these movements.
    It’s a fun game that you can start once your babies head fixes and back gets straight up till they are two year old. Once they are older you can make them hold your finger instead of you holding them by arm. My grandpa would do this to me and now my mum does it to my son :)

    Make an action of crawling of fingers from babies fist to his neck and tickle him in the neck. The more exaggerated and elaborate you make the crawling of fingers more they laugh.

    Show him how to clap with a song thats not too long. He will initially try to get his hands together and then slowly try to clap. Now my sons makes sound as he claps and he just can not stop clapping :)

    Sit with your baby in front of you in the position you would keep him when changing diapers. Take his one leg in each of your hand and slowly do cycling movement . Make sure to sing or make some random noise as you do this. I sing a song in my native language which readers may not be able to relate to.

    My lil one bangs his legs a lot when in cradle. So once I am done with massage I press his legs, feet and fingers very gently I can tell for sure he loves it. Again a soothing sound you make while you do this turns it into a game.

    More happiness, joy and love come into your new family!!


  13. I follow your mama's dairy and love your post. Thank you for your sharing!!

    It’s nice being reassured that what I am doing is good for my baby girl, as well as getting some new ideas for playtime! My girl Zoe loves to play with the baby in the mirror, and her favourite toys are empty water bottles, cardboard boxes, and old magazines. ;)



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