Wedding Day Photo Diary

Friday, November 07, 2014

"Till Death Do Us Part"

So happy our wedding day pictures are here :) Here's a summary of what went down on my wedding day through pictures. No regrets engaging Joe from Acapella Photography to document our special day, love love love his photography style! 

Our day started pretty late (as compared to most weddings here in Singapore) at about 2pm. The guys gathered at Daniel's place with his family to prepare and head over to my place together for gatecrashing :D

Bridal preparations while waiting for Daniel to come fetch the bride ♥︎

Of course the boys were not allowed past the gate without some hellish bridal door games;

And while they're busy downstairs, we were lifting the veil upstairs (and taking a gazillion photos as well hehe)

He finally made it through, but by then we were super behind schedule and had to rush off to the hotel

Both our solemnisation ceremony and wedding banquet were held at Grand Hyatt Hotel :)

To be honest, I was a bundle of nerves just before the walk-in, thank God it wasn't a long walk!

Loved the setting

And am so happy so many of my friends whom I grew up with were able to be there;

Everything pretty much passed in a flash and in a blink of an eye we found ourselves standing at the entrance thanking all of our guests for celebrating our big day with us

Our Wedding Montage Video ♥︎

Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel
Wedding Dresses: Emanuel B Couture
Groom's Suit: Burberry
Bride's Bouquet: Fiona Treadwell


    May you always find yourselves as much in love as you were in your wedding day..
    And In the home that you build together, may there always be Praises & Prayers lifted up, Berakoth of YaHuWaH (bl_ssings of the Almighty) coming down and Love all around you & your new Family members!

    Love always,

    Eyd & YahnEl Stephenson

  2. Beautiful pictures posted here and seems at this place wedding celebrates like a Royal wedding. I found this venue as best among all Chicago Wedding Venues. I am also dreaming this type of marriage.

  3. Marriage is a joyous and sacred union and can be complete and challenging.
    The truth is, building a marriage and keeping it strong requires work.
    The rewards of that effort are priceless and immeasurable.

    Congrats to you of having such a great wedding day!


  4. The expressions and postures of the bridegroom group are sooooooo cute!



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