In The Nude

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sometimes, when one person is absent,
the whole world seems depopulated

Allphonse de Lamartine

I always try to stay away from nude pieces because it looks weird on my yellowish skin. I tend to go for only the whitest of creams. This one seems to work fine though, I like that it's kinda sheer and goes well with all sorts of black. 
My grandaunt recently passed, although we weren't very close, she used to dote on me when I was a child. It's the first time I had to face the death of someone related. The only other family member who passed was my grandfather from my mother's side, but I'd never met him before. It was strange having to watch her lie motionless in the coffin, almost feels like she'd wake any moment. I thank God that I'm blessed enough to have met her in this life, she was a wonderful woman who was really kind to both my family and I, just wished she would have been able to be there at my wedding.  

Outfit: Top - Hongkong Street Store / Skirt - Julien / Bag - Coccinelle

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