ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Event

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Spent my Wednesday night at the ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Event last week! 
Thank you Shiseido and DSPG Media for having me ♥

ZA has a range of exciting new lip colours coming your way in January 2014..
8 new awesome shades with asian-flattering pink undertones!!  

So before I continue with more information on the new rouge, here's bits of what went down at the event :)

It was a pink-themed event where everyone and everything is dressed in pink! We were all given a personalised pass where we can accumulate stickers at the various games booths ♥ There was also an interesting presentation on the new products as well as a lovely buffet spread specially prepared for us.

This was my favourite booth, the lip analyser! :D 
I was diagnosed with bow-shape lips hehe

Awesome local shoe brand Gripz was there as well ♥ Got to learn about the different types of leathers! And boy do they have gorgeous shoes :)

Now back to the highlight of this post, the new Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge

What's so great about this new rouge?

It's not only pretty with a wide range of shades, it's also moisturising and super long-lasting!

Secret 1: Glossy Color Effect

This effect is achieved by mixing the rich colour of lipstick with the glamorous shine of lip gloss, so the lip colour is locked in firmly between the gloss layers making it last longer.

Secret 2: Ultra Fit Applicator

This unique applicator is specially created to fit the curve of your lips! It's created with a unique spoon-shaped curve that holds just the right amount of gloss for perfect application.

Here's me in RS481! I like that it's super moisturising (because my lips tend to chap all the time), and that it has a dewy finish which brightens up my face. Will definitely be wearing this out a lot, love! :)


Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge will be available in Singapore from 30 January 2014, 
retailing at $18.90

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