Hide Me Under Your Wings

Monday, June 10, 2013

The black maxi is my go-to on days when I feel exceptionally vulnerable;
it's kinda like an imaginary armor that will protect me from all sorts of fears

Probably because my image of women dressed for battle are usually like these?
Long (and very complicated) dresses! 

It might sound absurd, but playing dress up does wonders for me :) I'm no expert on fashion, I just love how it allows me to somehow bring a part of my fantasy world into reality. And after looking at so many inspiring styles on the web, I'm so fascinated by how tweaking a few details can transform the entire mood of an outfit! So a black maxi would probably take on a whole different meaning for you, do you like to play dress up too? ♡

Outfit: Gypsy Maxi Dress - Julien / Silver Slippers - Charles&Keith

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