Glossi Eyewear Media Launch

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I was blessed to be invited to this lovely event on Wednesday ;
The launch of the new Glossi Eyewear and other awesome designer brands at T.O.T :)

If you haven't already heard of T.O.T  (The Optique of Tomorrow), it's a wickedly awesome store that carries designer eyewear worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp (my favourite), Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba and tons of other celebrities :) 

Here are some snapshots of us goofing around with the sunnies 

Me attempting to complete my black/white look ;


Look what I found.. detachable frames! ^^

If you've been following my outfit posts, you'd know that I'm an eyewear fanatic and I love pairing my outfits with different frames ♥ Moreover, eyewear is very important (especially for people who drive) to protect your eyes from the sun! Otherwise, wrinkles will start appearing from all the squinting :O
So I was especially happy to receive a pair of Glossi eyewear as a media gift! 

I love love love the holographic appearance (am going through a phase right now)!
And it's so unbelievably light with special hinges on the sides so you'll never have to deal with tiny screws coming off your frames ever again.  

Thank you T.O.T for the super gift, too cute goodie bag and a lovely time 
If you're an eyewear junkie like me, head over to T.O.T and grab a pair of Glossi frames today!

Where: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-43 JEM

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