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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today I'm going to introduce an inspiring fashion blogger, Angelena ♡
Love how she fuses fashion with art and all her outfits are so chic and edgy!

Q & A

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
Well, I currently reside in Pennsylvania which some may find out of the ordinary. It's a nice place to be when you need inspired a lot more by nature and inner observation less by outward modern stimulus.  I currently work as a freelance illustrator with a more than passionate side hobby of fashion blogging. I also recently landed a magazine internship which is very new and exciting. It just goes to show your hobbies can pay off if you're passionate about the work you put out. I love keeping myself constantly busy with creative projects i.e. DIY's, painting, making random things even if they have no necessary purpose. A few smaller facts: I love video games, cats, collecting small antiques or oddities, being anywhere near water, and shoes are my kryptonite.

2. How would you describe your style? 
This is a question I always find difficult to answer. I find myself not necessarily being so consistent with dressing one way or the other because in real life I tend to to things sporadically or on a whim. It just suits me. But if I had to describe what I like to dress like most it would be literally characterized. I tend to think of the type of attitude or person I want to project myself as throughout the day and then make decisions from there. Some days I want people to keep distance so I'll pop on a spiked choker and a pair of stingers. Other days I want to dress simply according to a color scheme or maybe more modern and simple. My favorite clothing staples are blazers, white or black blouses, and a pair of killer jeans. Not all together or in specific order either.

3. What inspires you? (People, things, places) 
Normally I tend to be inspired by others artists/ bloggers the most. A lot of things both in the natural world and physical more created world are things I like to bring together when forming inspiration for dressing or painting. For instance collecting insects or natural objects. Normally I like to incorporate this into my work or visions in fashion when I'm painting. It's almost like they bounce off each other. But I try to let inspiration hit me anywhere because I hate missing an opportunity. So I try to actively make decisions to do things that I know will stimulate my creativity like artist research, reading lots of books, constantly checking the internet for new DIY's, fashion trends and news, etc. etc. etc.

4. Who is your favorite fashion designer? 
I don't think I could name one single designer that has influenced me "the most". But I also don't idolize very much. If I had to choose some names that I currently have a thing for though, it would have to be Romance Was Born, Ellery, and Flannel. I really enjoyed MBFWA this year. And always Margiela, Rick Owens, and Ann Demeulemeester.

5. What is the one thing you can't live without?
Facial cleansers and products. I have to be really on point with my skincare because mine is unpredictable when not being managed.

6. What are you currently coveting for?
Honestly it isn't something related to fashion at all.My boyfriend and I are contracting a friend of his to make a modern representation of an antikythera mechanism. It was the first object to be discovered and considered a computing machine or "computer". It was found by sea researcher/diver Jeac cousteau and thought to be from ancient Greece and made by Archimedes. It's an incredibly complex object with many gears set inside a box topped with dials that calculate astronomical changes like predicting eclipses, phases of the moon, and planetary movement. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen created and there are very few replicas but we really want a model of our own because we love studying the universe and science. Plus our household is computer income based so we base our entire life on using a computer. So it seems appropriate to have something like that to commemorate the capabilities we have now as well as the brilliance of ages before us.

7. Any advice for aspiring fashion bloggers?
Always be honest with your own opinion of self and style. Make sure your internet presence, blog design/ interface, and social media skills take top priority when you want to grow. Don't be afraid of slow growth because it means your audience is more selective. Don't always look to other bloggers for content ideas and use things in your own life to share with others. Most importantly be yourself and don't be afraid to get personal. People appreciate honesty, personality, and variety. Don't ever leave them bored and if you're bored with your own content or work.. chances are so are they. So don't ever let yourself become bored. Always be excited.

Instagram: @edgecat

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