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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
(Updated 14 Mar'17)

Hello I'm Audrey,
I have 2 little girls - Kayla and Tiffany, a family of furries - 2 dogs and 1 bunny, and I'm a working mama who runs a small food business with my husband!

(With baby Tiffany)

(And here's my Kayla who just turned two)

My life is pretty chaotic because everyday something will go wrong either at work or at home. Having two little ones while having to work and still trying to keep up with my hobby -blogging is really quite challenging. But I'm grateful for all that I have and am trying to make the best out of each day :)

Churro101 is our first business venture and after 1.5years we are now 4 stores strong :) 
At this time of writing, we are moving on to explore more business opportunities while still managing the stores at hand. Its a tough season for us, but we are honestly enjoying the process, and am quite excited to share more about our experiences here!

Over the years, I've been blessed to enjoy lots of opportunities and gotten to know a number of lovely people because of this blog which I'm really thankful for. Thanks for reading and for those who have been following this blog for some time - thank you for going through so many major milestones with me ♥︎

For more updates do follow me on instagram (@audt), snapchat (audrey.tan) and dayre (audt01)!

For collaborations please contact me at audrey.tan@bloggerati.me ♥︎

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